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Conveyor 40 Central Drive Double Belt

Two parallel conveyors driven by a single motor, for large parts, enabling the use of the free space between the two belts.

  • Position of the drive can be adjusted along the length of the profile
  • The interaxial distance between the 2 conveyors can be adjusted upon request

Further Info
Technical Data

Technical data

Two parallel flat belt conveyors driven by only one motor, for large components.
Two belts enable the use of free space.

  • Adjustable position of the drive along the profile
  • Distance between the 2 conveyors adaptable on request
  • Stainless steel plate on option

Widths 40, 80

Dimensions (mm)

  • Width A: 40-80
  • Length L: 400 to 6000
  • Width of belt: A-5
  • Length of belt: Lc = (2xL+375) x 0,992
  • Length of profile: LP = L-50