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New Products for the Item Aluminium Profile System: Spring 2011

Item New Products Catalogue Spring 2011

A comprehensive set of new Item aluminium profile system products are included in the Spring 2011 brochure, including:

These products are grouped together in the Item MB System New Products Spring 2011 catalogue.

The latest new products are summarised on our New Products page, whilst you can find details of others by looking at our archive of new products for the Item profile system.


Item Chair

Ergonomically designed chairs suitable for production areas, workshops and laboratories.

Fully adjustable with optional arm-rests, in low-level or high-level versions, with ESD compliance available.

Workbench 2F

Ergonomic Workbench 2F

Manually height adjustable workbench with cantelevered design for improved access.

1,500N capacity with choice of sizes and worktops, including ESD-safe options.

Keyboard Shelf Fastening Set

Keyboard Shelf Fastening Set

Fastening Set for attaching Keyboard Shelf to the underside of worktops.

Includes telescopic slides with open and closed holding positions. Easily installed with the minimum number of parts. No machining or special tools are required.

Board Magnets

Board Magnet

Ø30mm magnets for securing notices to steel components.

White coated for unobtrusive appearance. Can be used in conjunction with 2mm Compound Material panels.

Transfer Gates

Transfer Gate

For securing workpiece carriers on manual assembly lines.

Allows workpieces to enter designated working areas, subsequently requiring manual intervention proceed. Available with or without spring-loaded release lever.

Tube System Adapter

Tube Adapter D30/D28-37

Allows Item D30 Aluminium Tube System to be attached to existing Ø28mm tube structures.

Facilitates an easy upgrade to Item's innovative system.

Tube System 45° Fastener

Tube Fastener D30-45°For fast assembly of diagonal struts to Item's D30 Aluminium Tube System.

Easy to use ESD-safe fastener with built-in angle of 45°.

Tube System Threaded Inserts

Threaded Insert D30

Threaded inserts for attaching different sizes of levelling feet.

Available in M6, M8 and M10 with ESD-safe versions available.

Roller Conveyor Fastening Brackets

Roller Conveyer Fastening Bracket D30

For simple connection of Roller Conveyors to D30 Tube System.

Safe and secure attachment with or without end-stops. Self-drilling fixing-screw prevents subsequent movement.

Roller Conveyor Guides

Roller Conveyor Guide Rails

Side Guides for Roller Conveyors.

Attach Side Guides to existing Roller Conveyors or fit dividers directly using Roller Conveyor Fastening Sets.

Levelling Feet

Grey Levelling Knuckle Feet

Levelling knuckle feet for adjusting frame height or compensating for uneven floors.

Load capacity from 1,500N to 12,500N and angular compensation from 7° to 15°.

Partition Base Plates

Partition Base Plate D400

A stable, low-profile platform for attachment of partition walls.

Free-standing design for mobile constructions. Rotating Partition Adapter connects to D40 aluminium profiles and gives height adjustment.


Hinge 10 PA 10/8

Allows connection of Line 8 profile doors to Line 10 profile frameworks.

Left-hand or right-hand versions are available.

Linear Unit KRF 8 80x40 ZR

Linear Unit KRF 8 80x40 ZR

Compact Linear Slide with high load-carrying capacity.

Quiet running belt-drive suitable for long stroke lengths. Maximum speed: 10m/s. Maximum acceleration: 10m/s². Repeatability: ±0.1mm.

Limit Switch Holder KRF 8

Limit Switch Holder  KRF 8

Fastener for mounting Limit Switch 8 to Linear Unit KRF.

Also suitable for fitting limit switches to other Item linear slides.

Drive Set KRF 8 ZR

Drive Set KRF 8 ZR

Coupling housing for mouting motors to Linear Unit KRF.

Maximum torque of 23Nm transfers a drive load of 1,000N to the linear slide.