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New Products for the Item Aluminium Profile System: Spring 2010

Item New Products Catalogue Spring 2010

A comprehensive set of new Item aluminium profile system products are included in the Spring 2011 brochure, including:

These products are grouped together in the Item MB System New Products Spring 2010 catalogue.

Previous introductions can be seen by looking at our archive of new products for the Item profile system.

Standard Fastening Set 8 K ESD

Standard Fastening Set 8 K ESDElectro-statically compatible version of the Standard Fastening Set 8 K.

Allows panels to be fitted in Line 8 Item aluminium profile grooves without the need to notch the corners.

Mitre Fastening Sets and Drilling Jigs

Mitre Fastening Set 6For Line 6 profiles, fasteners to allow extrusions to be connected at any desired angle using cup-and-cone fastening technology.

Drilling jigs are available to ensure that the machined holes are correctly located.

Angle Bracket 8 160x160-40 Al M8

Angle Bracket 8 160x160-40 Al M8Die-cast aluminium bracket for supporting high loads and bending moments.

Offers a flexible alternative to larger brackets.

Grey End Caps

Cap 8 GreyGrey end caps available for Line 8 extrusions.

An often requested finishing touch that offers a different look to completed assemblies.

Cap 8 40x40 N

Cap 8 40x40 NSecured with a self-tapping countersunk screw, provides a groove opening for Profile 8 40x40.

Ideal for use when regular access to the end of a groove is required, or where clearance is required, for instance when using Slide Guide Strip 8/8e.

Base Plate/Transport Plate 8 120x120, M16

Base Plate/Transport Plate 8 120x120 M16Plate for attachment of knuckle feet or lifting eyes.

Manufactured from Adaptor Plate Profile 120x16 N5. Supports up to 20,000N.

Hinge Pin Set D6

Hinge Al Light Pin Set D6Hinge Pin for connecting Hinge Leaf Profiles Al light.

Low friction and wear resistant. Prevents electro-static build-up. Easy to fit.

Castor Rail and Inserts

Castor Rail 8 40x40For manual transfer of work pieces between workstations.

Rollers with or without flange, ball tables, slide strips, brakes, brushes and side guides.

T-Slot Slider 8 80x40 with Slide Clamp

T-Slot Slider 8 80x40 with Slide Clamp

Low-friction, low-wear slider with manual clamping lever.

Useful for variable positioning of parts, adjustable stops, etc. 600N holding force.

Shelf 8

Shelf 8Ready to fit shelves for Item aluminium profile assemblies.

200mm or 320mm deep with 50kg carrying capacity in lengths up to 6m. Adaptor set for use where no profile groove is available for fitting to.

Safety Hangers

Safety Hanger 8For securing cell guard panels.

Safe one man assembly. Includes tamper proof Pin-Hex screws to comply with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Safety Fastening Set for Multiblock 8

Safety Fastening Set Multiblock 8Secure fixings for removable guard panels.

Pin-hex button-head screws with retaining spring. Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Security L-Key Set

Security L-Key SetPin-hex keys for security button-head screws.

Five sizes included from 2.5-6mm A/F. Suitable for screws complying with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Anti-Loss Washers

Anti-Loss WasherWashers for retaining screws.

Fit to removable panels to create captive screws.

Quick Multiblock 8 with Non-Removable Pin

Quick Multiblock 8 with Non-Removable PinFor retrospectively fitting permanent panels to frameworks.

Includes push to fit securing pin which cannot be removed without shearing it off. Prevents unauthorised access.

Runway Profile and Runway Slide Set

Runway Slide Set 8 40x40Sliding door system for cell guarding.

For sliding doors up to 30kg. Integrated end stops included. Built in adjustment for easy set-up.

Rack 8

Rack 8Rack and pinion drive system for Item linear 14 slides.

Compact design fits in aluminium profile groove. Innovative connection system reduces assembly time. Maximum drive force 1,000N.