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New Products for the Item Aluminium Profile System: September 2008

Item New Products Catalogue September 2008

A comprehensive set of new Item aluminium profile system products are included in the September 2008 brochure, including:

These products are grouped together in the Item MB System New Products September 2008 catalogue.

The latest new products are summarised on our New Products page, whilst you can find details of others by looking at our archive of new products for the Item profile system.

Contact Pin ESD

Electrostatic Contact Pin

Ensures continuity between adjacent anodised extruded aluminium profiles when used in conjunction with universal or automatic fasteners.

Plastic ESD

Electrostatic Panels

4mm and 10mm panels. Carbon impregnated for electrostatic discharge even when machined.

Automatic Fastening Set Cap

Grey Cap for Automatic Fastener

Enables automatic fastening sets to be used with Line X profiles. Grey cover directly replaces black version.

Grip Rail Cap Set

Black Caps for Line X Grip Rail Profile

Black finish allows Grip Rail Profile X to be used with Line 8 assemblies without grey end caps looking out of place.

Angle Bracket V Zn

Angle Bracket V Zn for Line 5 and Line 6

Introduced for Profile 5 and Profile 6. Include anti-torsion lugs to prevent profiles twisting under load.

T-Slot Nut F

T-Slot Nut F for Line 5 and Line 6

T-Slot nuts with integral grub screw for fixing the position of tapped holes. Allows parts to be removed and refitted in fixed locations.

Double T-Slot Nut

Double T-Slot Nut 5

For Line 5 profiles. Two tapped holes on fixed centres for use with pairs of automatic or universal fasteners.

Castor D100

Castor D100

Medium duty castors with sealed ball bearings. Versions with antistatic tyres also available. Ideal for trolleys.

Double Lip Seal

Grey Double Lip Seal

Grey version of existing black product. Prevents direct contact between panel and aluminium extrusion. Ideal for use with Line X system.

Panel Clamping Strip

Panel Clamping Strip for Line 6

Line 6 version of existing Line 8 design. Allows panels to be retrofitted to assembled profile frame. No machining of panels required.