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New Products for the Item Aluminium Profile System: September 2007

Item New Products Catalogue September 2007

A comprehensive set of new Item aluminium profile system products are included in the September 2007 brochure, including:

These products are grouped together in the Item MB System New Products September 2007 catalogue.

The latest new products are summarised on our New Products page, whilst you can find details of others by looking at our archive of new products for the Item profile system.

Profiles 6 60x24 and 60x24 Light

Profile 6 30x24 Light

Narrower than standard extrusions leaving a recess between mating profiles. Allows cross-members to be hidden behind external panels.

Profile 8 80x40 1N Light

Profile 8 80x40 1N Light

80x40 light profile with a single plain 40mm face. Avoids the need to use cover profiles on otherwise smooth faced assemblies.

Standard-Fastening Set ESD

Standard-Fastenng Set 8 ESD

Eliminates build-up of electrostatic charges in Item aluminium profile system frameworks.

Contact Pin ESD

Contact Pin 8 ESD

Ensures continuity between adjacent anodised extruded aluminium profiles when used in conjunction with universal or automatic fasteners.

Angle Bracket 12

Angle Bracket 12 240x240 Al

Die-cast aluminium bracket for heavy-duty connection of Line 12 profiles. No machining required. Increases resistance to bending moments.

Adjustable Foot 8 D40 PA

Adjustable Foot 8 D40 PA

Variable height feet suitable for attachment to Line 8 D40 profiles. Hand adjustable without the use of tools.

Rebate Profile 8 Al 16

Rebate Profile 8 Al 16

Creates a recess for constructing dust and dirt-tight enclosures. Can also be used for creating a rebate for doors.

T-Slot Slider 8

T-Slot Slider 8

Compact sliding element for Line 8 profiles. Low cost option for simple linear guides. Rotates as well as guides. Ideal for folding doors.

Track Profile System

Track Profile Roller Unit D60 PU

Robust free-running linear guide system for transporting bulky or heavy loads. Includes spring mounted side rollers.

Telescopic Profile 8 80x40

Telescope 8 80x40 with Plunger

Telescopic profiles for creating struts of variable length. Utilises adjustable clamping lever or locking plunger.