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New Products for the Item Aluminium Profile System: January 2008

Item New Products Catalogue January 2008

Introduced to the Item MB System in January 2008 were KLE compact linear slides and accessories, including:

These products are grouped together in the Item MB System New Products January 2008 catalogue.

The latest new products are summarised on our New Products page, whilst you can find details of others by looking at our archive of new products for the Item profile system.

Compact Linear Slides

Compact Linear Slide KLE

Modular linear slides with internally guided roller bearings. Available in two sizes, with customer specified lengths up to 6m.

Carriage Plates

Carriage Plate for KLE Linear Slide Units

Standard carriage plates for attaching components to the moving KLE slide system. Bespoke sizes also available.

Flexible Motor Couplings

Motor Mounting Coupling for KLE Linear Slide Units

Drive set for attaching motor to KLE slides. Compensates for axial misalignment and reduces backlash.

Torque Tubes

Torque Tube for KLE Linear Slide Unit

Synchronising shafts for balancing forces between a parallel pair of linear guides. Includes flexible coupling that compensates for misalignment.

Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensor for KLE Linear Slide Unit

Inductive proximity switch choice of NO or NC contacts. Signal cables trail in the extrusion grooves and are protected by cover profile.