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New Products for the Item Aluminium Profile System: Autumn 2011

Item New Products Catalogue Autumn 2011

A comprehensive set of new Item aluminium profile system products are included in the Autumn 2011 brochure, including:

These products are grouped together in the Item MB System New Products Autumn 2011 catalogue.

The latest new products are summarised on our New Products page, whilst you can find details of others by looking at our archive of new products for the Item profile system.

Profile KH 8 40x40

Item Profile KH 8 40x40

Environmentally friendly profile with Line 8 grooves, making it compatible with hundreds of standard components. Its metal-free construction is made from 70% wood-fibre, 30% polypropylene.

Suitable for use where a lightweight assembly is required, or where electrical insulation is an advantage. Particularly suitable for minimising EMC interference.

Profile 10 50x20 E

Item Profile 10 50x20 E

A flat aluminium extrusion with a single Line 10 system groove for fastening compatible parts.

Particularly suitable in confined spaces where a T-slot is required.

Cover Profile 10 Al

Item Cover Profile 10 Al

Aluminium cover for blanking off Line 10 profile grooves.

Can be used for concealing cables in the T-slot or to make a smooth, easy to clean surface.

Central Fastening Set 10

Item Central Fastening Set 10

Fastener for connection of Line 10 aluminium profiles.

Processing is only required on one extrusion and grooves are left clear for fitting panels so no notching is required.

Panel-Clamping Strips 10

Item Panel-Clamping Strip 10

For fitting panels retrospectively to Line 10 extrusion.

Panels are recessed by only 2mm producing a smooth outer wall.

Accepts panel thicknesses from 4-6mm.

Hinges 10 Al light

Item Hinge Al 10 light

Aluminium hinge for Line 10 doors.

Capable of supporting doors up to 50kg.

Can be used to create a continuous hinge.

Swivel Castors with Connecting Plate

Item Swivel Castor with Connecting Plate

Castors with integrated base plate reducing the amount of parts required when fitting castors.

80kg or 100kg maximum load.

Available in antistatic versions for ESD applications.

Castor Supports

Item Castor Support

Easy to fit support for Castor D100 or Castor D125.

Adjustable positioning allows trollies to be made with a lower centre of gravity.

Integral impact buffer prevents accidental damage and protects against injuries.

Bracket 8 120x40 flat

Item Bracket 8 120x40 flat

Flat brackets for connecting Line 8 aluminium profiles.

Ideal for manual interlinking or creating parallel connections.

Conduit Inside Corners

Item Conduit Inside Corner

Creates a safe corner for routing cables.

Covers cut edges of conduit profiles and creates a smooth transition between sections of trunking.

Prevents kinking of cables.

Conduit Caps with Cable Entry Protectors

Item Conduit Cap with Cable Entry Protector

Provides cable entry points for Item conduit system

Covers sharp edges to protect against cable damage.

Coloured Profile Tube D30

Item Coloured Profile Tube D30

A range of alternative colours for Item D30 tube system.

Perfect for colour-coding in production areas

Heavy-Duty Profile Tube D30

Item Heavy-Duty Profile Tube D30

Heavy-duty option for the Item D30 tube system.

Offers reduced deflection, increased vibration absorption and increased buckling resistance.

Tube KH D30x11.6

Item Tube KH D30x11.6

Non-metallic tube for D30 profile system

Ideal for applications where a non-conductive framework is required.

No interference with radio frequencies makes it suitable for EMC applications.

Tube Protectors

Item Tube Protector D30x13Offers scratch and impact resistance to D30 tube system.

Fits easily over existing Tube D30 and Profile Tube D30.


Tube End Cap D30

Item Tube End Cap D30Offers scratch protection to walls and floors.

Fits to the ends of Tube D30 and Profile Tube D30.

Integral metal washer distributes forces evenly.

Transverse Fastener D30

Item Transverse Fastener D30

Connects two Profile Tube D30 at 90° angles.

Can be incorporated into existing structures without disassembly.

Tube Holder D30

Item Tube Holder D30

Brackets for connecting the D30 Tube System to Line 8 or Line 6 aluminium profiles.

Simplifies integration of D30 and MB systems.

Hook and Holder Adapter D30

Item Hook and Holder Adapter D30

For connecting MB system hooks and holders to D30 tube system.

Adjustable for positioning in vertical or horizontal orientations.

Table-Top Fastening Set D30

Item Table-Top Fastening Set D30

Bracket for quick attachment of work-tops to D30 frameworks.

Creates a robust fastening where the top sits on top of the D30 framework.

Table-Top Fastening Bracket D30

Item Table-Top Fastening Bracket D30

Simple bracket of holding work-tops in position.

Suitable for recessed

Label Holders D30

Item Label Holders D30

Self-adhesive label holders for D30 tube system.

Made from transparent PVC. Supplied in lengths up to 2000mm.

Roller Conveyor Fastening Brackets D30

Item Roller Conveyor Fastening Brackets D30

Brackets for connecting roller conveyors to D30 tube system.

Overlapping design allows change in angles to be easily created.

Roller Conveyor Support D30 and End Cap

Item Roller Conveyor Support D30 and End Cap

Supports and end caps for roller conveyors.

Designed to fit easily.