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Universal Fastening Set 8 St

Univseral Fasteing Set 8 StWith the launch of its Universal Fastening Set 8 St, Item has rounded off the top end of the product range of high-strength profile joints: this version of the popular Universal Fastening Set - but made of steel - enables users to achieve far greater construction strengths.

Load changes, temperature changes and environmental influences will not have a negative effect on the pre-tensioning force of the joint – the connection retains its original high strength.

The new Universal Fastening Set is made from stainless steel and is manufactured in a sophisticated fine casting process which guarantees a high degree of dimensional accuracy and excellent material properties to the most demanding quality standards.

As expected, the functionality of the original version remains unchanged. Neither the profile preparation nor the handling of the Universal Fastening Set needs to be modified.

For outdoor applications and in clean rooms, the Universal Fastening Set 8 St is also available as a completely stainless steel version. In that version, both the Fastening Element itself and the screw and T-Slot Nut are made of stainless steel.

In this respect, the new profile connectors can be considered the latest highlight in the Item MB Building Kit System.