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Track Profile System

Track Profile SystemThere are several benefits to the Item Track Profile System.

Heavy goods can be transported easily and quietly. The transport track system is tolerant to soiling, easy to assemble and can be added to any profile construction. Elevated transport tracks and suspended constructions (for example, for the manual movement of heavy tools) are also possible.

A typical assembly would comprise an aluminium-profile constructed carrier onto which is mounted four Roller-Units D60 PU, which run in a parallel pair of Track-Profile 8 80x40s. The modular design means that the carriers can be made to any size and the Track-Profiles placed accordingly. The Roller-Units (each with a load-bearing-capacity of 800N) are fitted with ball-bearing mounted polyurethane-tyres for smooth and quiet running, and with spring-loaded lateral guide-wheels to provide sideways support.

The Roller-Units have a choice of fixing positions which give either a ride-height which is flush or 4mm proud of the Track-Profile depending on the chosen setting, and can also be fitted to non-profile carriers. The Rollers can be used independently of the Roller-Units, and will run easily without the Track-Profiles on level surfaces.