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Timing belt reversing units for linear slides

Timing Belt Reverse Unit 8 80 R50Reversing units are now available in the Item range of machine building products for use with 50mm wide timing belts, designed for the larger linear slide drive mechanisms.

These are economic units for heavier duty installations and rated for 100Nm maximum loads.

The 50mm multi-steel cored timing belt is itself capable of taking 4,200 N maximum load.

Identified as the 8 80 R50 II timing-belt reverse unit, one version is available for multi-spline shaft operation, and is fitted with a large, robust splined drive for extra strength.

A second option is fitted with a plain bore hub for a standard 16mm diameter shaft drive.

This can also be machined, if required, for shafts up to 36mm diameter.

The reverse unit housing is finished in black anodised aluminium with a compact overall size of only 160 x 140 x 80mm.

It is suitable for use with the Item line 8 profiles, where on the 80 x 80mm size the timing belt runs on the upper and lower outside surfaces.

On deeper profile sections, the belt return is carried through the profile inner cavity.

Both 90deg and a full 180deg belt reversal can be accommodated, and one revolution of the timing pulley corresponds to 280mm of belt travel.

The amount of captive belt within the pulley is 220mm for 90deg reversal and 300mm for the full 180deg reversal operation.