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Table-Top Fastening Set 8

Table-Top Fastening Set 8The Table-Top Fastening Set for Item's Line 8 aluminium profile system has been designed to facilitate the attachment of solid wood, plywood, or chipboard work surfaces onto Item frameworks.

The fastening set comprises a folded steel plate contained within a black glass filled polyamide housing and a self-drilling, self-tapping Torx head screw.

The folded steel plate has a hook at the lower end which contours to the shape of the T-slotted groove of the Line 8 extrusion to which it is attached. The part of the plate in contact with the work-top is deigned to be flush with the upper surface of the profile. This ensures that when fully tightened, the fastener does not try to bow the table-top. Next, there is a slot through which the Torx head screw passes. This slot gives the fitter flexibility at the assembly stage, knowing that it is not necessary to position the screw with any great degree of accuracy, especially when combined with the ability to move the fastening set along the length of the profile.

The Torx head screw requires no pre-drilling, and securely clamps the top in position once it is tightened.

The plastic housing included with the set not only looks good, but is functional too. It has been designed with a ridge which engages with the profile groove, holding the fastener in place before the screw is fitted. This frees both hands for the fitter to fasten the work-top to the framework.