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T-Slot Slider

T-Slot SliderA new composite fitting that has been added to the Item range of build components is claimed to increase the design options for both machine building and framework structures.

The fitting incorporates a variation of the Item T-slot nut which is combined with a fully rotating head which locates into the longitudinal groove of mating profiles with clearance to allow an easy sliding action.

Fittings can be supplied for use with line 5, line 6 and line 8 profiles and once locked into position using the T-slot nut, can be used as the top and bottom pivots for frames that can either slide or rotate about these pivot points.

A particular application is the construction of concertina type doors.

A single hinged door on a large aperture may not be a practical proposition where full opening was not possible due to restricted or obstructed space.

However, bi-folding doors, having a sliding action, can now be constructed from standard Item components to cover most application requirements.

Virtually any aperture size can be covered using single or twin folding door mechanisms incorporating the new pivot and slide fittings.

These doors can also be fitted with locks, switches and interlocks if required to comply with current safety recommendations.