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T-Slot Slider 8 80x40

T-Slot Slider 8 80x40Item have introduced a T-Slot Slider for the MB aluminium profile system which provides a low-cost linear slide for Line 8 profiles.

It comprises a  body which is 80mm long and 40mm wide, made from die-cast zinc for robust attachment of ancillary components, and a polyethylene insert for a low-friction sliding surface.

The die-cast body features 3 mounting holes for fixing parts in a variety of positions using M6 screws and the hexagon nuts included with the slider. Alternatively, if it is preferred to connect an extruded Item framework the the slider, there are fixing sets available which allow sufficient flexibility to compensate for the natural deviations in straightness found in any extruded aluminium profile. This eliminates the additional time and expense otherwise spent in setting up such a mechanism.

The polyethylene insert provides a bearing surface with a low coefficient of friction (ยต=0.22). The resultant low wearing slider requires no lubrication and can be used harsh environments with considerable levels of dust and humidity.