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Heavy-Duty Carriage Clamp designed for locking slide guide carriages

Slide Clamp 8 Heavy DutyA heavy-duty clamp is available for locking slide guide carriages into position on linear slide mechanisms.

This is one of the latest additions to the Item range of machine building products and is designed for use with their line 8 profile systems.

This simple and economic locking system enables operation as a manual end stop and is designed such that a high clamping force is achieved without undue load on the carriage bearings.

Moveable carriages can be quickly and securely locked into any linear location say for accurate positioning on a subsequent machining operation, or even as a safety precaution to prevent unauthorised movement during setting-up or routine maintenance procedures.

The unit can be screwed direct to carriage mechanisms where there is a minimum 20mm clearance between the top of the support profile and the underside of the carriage.

The clamp is fitted with an elongated T-slot fitting which locates in the main profile upper longitudinal slot, and provides the locking force.

Clamping force can be applied in small angular movements of the lift-to-turn lever, which is particularly useful where full rotation is not possible due to restricted space.

A 15Nm tightening torque on the clamp lever provides a corresponding clamping load for the carriage of approximately 1500N on a dry slide, or 1000N with a lubricated slide.