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Roller Shutter Assemblies join Machine Building range

Roller Shutter SystemRoller shutter assemblies have been added for the line 8 Item range of system build equipment which is available from Machine Building Systems Ltd.

Roller shutters are ideal cabinet or production cell closures where either hinged or sliding doors are not practical owing to space restrictions.

However, they combine excellent aesthetic appearance with good dust control.

Locking facilities can also be provided for greater protection of expensive or high technology equipment such as lasers.

Both anodised aluminium and aluminium coloured PVC profiles forming individual articulated slats can be supplied to make-up the shutter covers.

Both can be used with the same guide profile, together with straight or curved guide elements and flexible slide strip in black polyamide which provides the low friction movement for the shutters.

45° curved guides provide the recommended pre-set curvature angles but these can be combined to achieve either 90° or 'S' shape connection slides if required.

The aluminium slat and guide profiles can be supplied in three metre lengths and roller shutters of this maximum width can be assembled from these materials.

The slat profiles are simply interlocked together and used with a transparent polyamide insulator to provide effective sealing, and the essential cushioned hinge element between the slats to minimise noise and provide and easy articulated movement.

The aluminium coloured PVC slat profile is available in two metre lengths, although the maximum recommended shutter width with this material is one metre.

In all cases the width to height ratio of shutter mechanisms should be less than 2:5.

The necessary slide-guide sets, end strips, lifting handles and locking mechanisms can also be supplied to complete any shutter assembly.