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Rebate Profile 8 Al

Rebate ProfileRebate Profiles in the Item range of machine building components can be used for mounting a wide selection of panel elements.

They are designed for line 8 profile, and captive nuts can also be provided for easy assembly of 19" front plates or housings.

When used with self adhesive sealing strip also available in the Item range, then effective dust and dirt tight assemblies can be achieved.

Five versions of the Rebate Profile can be supplied, both manufactured from natural anodised aluminium.

These simply clip into the line 8 longitudinal profile groove to provide a continuous support edge for appropriate panel materials including wood, plastics, composites, acrylic and metal.

Rebate Profile 8 Al is solid section throughout and can be supplied in lengths up to 2 metres. It provides a 10.5mm recess.

Sealing strip, which is available in 10 metre rolls, can be used for dust proofing or acting as a buffer strip on opening panels used as access doors.

Rebate Profile 8 Al 16 has a larger (16mm) recess for inlaying thicker panels.

Rebate Profile 8 Al 19" is available in lengths up to 2048mm and is pre-drilled on 100mm centres for grub screws, which are also provided, to clamp the rebate strip into the profile grooving.

Standard spaced machined slots are provided along the full length of the strip for accommodating 19" equipment.

Galvanised captive nuts in three sizes of M4, M5 and M6 can be supplied for attaching panel elements or other components to the 19" Rebate Profile. These nuts simply clip into position on the strip to give an anti-torsion mounting.