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Quick Multiblocks

Quick Multiblock 8The Quick Multiblock 8 for the item aluminium profile machine construction kit offers a very speedy way of securing panels into frames, but allows almost instant access where desired.

The multiblock is inserted into a Line-8 frame with a push-and-twist action, and a clearance hole is drilled near the edge of the panel.

However, instead of a sliding M6 nut inside the multiblock, there is a curved steel plate spring. This is so arranged that when a mating fixing pin is pushed through the hole in the panel, and into the Quick Multiblock, then given a 1/4 turn, the pin is pulled slightly towards the multiblock and the panel is thus clamped securely in place.

Altogether three types of securing pins may be chosen: an inexpensive plastic one with a hand-grip; an identical but more durable zinc die-cast pin for frequent use; and a zinc pin with a neat coin-slot in the face. All pins incorporate an 'O'-ring to maintain pressure on the panel thus avoiding rattles.

The hole drilling in the panel need only be approximate: like the standard screwed multiblocks, the design allows for a generous tolerance in the hole position.

The Quick Multiblocks are made from a grey plastic in order to blend in with aluminium profile.