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Round Profiles 8 D40

Profile 8 D40Item has announced the introduction of round-section aluminium profiles to complement its existing Line 8 series.

They are all based on a diameter of 40mm and incorporate Line-8 T-slots so as to enable all compatible accessories to be affixed at will.

There are 6 variants: Profile 8 D40, Profile 8 D40 1N, Profile 8 D40 2N90, Profile 8 D40 2N180, Profile 8 D40 3N and Profile 8 D40 4N. The suffix "xN" refers to the number of closed grooves on a particular profile: thus the last-named "4N" appears as a solid profile without any grooves. But by simply drilling two holes through the shallow groove covering and lightly levering out the section between them with a flat-bladed screwdriver, the T-slots underneath may be exposed and used.

The new round profiles may be used on their own to build frames where the round look is required. Alternatively they may be used as hand rails, or incorporated into frames using the more usual square section extrusions. Special fasteners and adapters have been designed to complement the sections, and will completely seal the ends of the profiles and enable a smooth transition at the joints from one section to another to be achieved. Where the profile is drilled to enable a fastener to be accessed (such as the usual 7mm hole to access the Standard Fastener), then an inconspicuous grey plastic push-fit cap contoured to match the profile diameter is available.

By using the Profile 8 D40 4N and the adaptor plates, it is possible to build a frame with no apparent slots or holes, which makes regular cleaning much easier.