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Positioning Set 8 40

Positioning Set 8 40Item's new Positioning Set 8 40 provides low cost manual linear movement by means of a simple sliding block, a threaded bar and a compact winding handle. It is designed to attach to any line 8 Item aluminium profile with open grooves and provides adjustment for lightweight components such as cameras, bar-code readers or proximity sensors.

The slider is manufactured from glass filled polyamide and slides along the profile groove with free play removed using adjusting screws located in the sides of the unit. It has a hexagonal recess fitted with an M6 hexagon nut for easy attachment of ancillary components, and has an anti-torsion lug with 5° increments of angular adjustment.

An M6 threaded bar engages with the slider and is fitted with a specially designed bush at one end which keeps the bar centrally located in-line with the slider. A bearing block is fitted at the other which is screwed on to the end of the line 8 profile with a single M8 button-head screw, again secured against inadvertent rotation by a built-in anti-torsion lug which keeps it in-line with the screw and slider. The feed screw is secured to the bearing block by means of a grub screw which prevents unwanted longitudinal movement. The winding handle is connected to the end of the feed screw which provides linear movement of the slider corresponding to 1mm per revolution.

If required, an indicator can be fitted to display the position of the slider. The position indicator fits between the winding handle and the bearing block and is secured by self tapping screws, meaning no need for additional drilling or tapping. It is fully sealed to protect the mechanism from ingress of dust or dirt and also features an anti-torsion device to ensure correct alignment and presentation of the counter.

The position indicator is available in two versions: a mechanical indicator which displays the position of the slider in 0.01mm increments, and a digital version with an electronic display and additional features such as zeroing, incremental measurement, calibration, and low battery indicator.

A contra-directional option is also available which includes an opposite handed thread on the feed screw and slider. Connected to the end of an existing positioning set, this moves a second slider in the opposite direction to the first.