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Monitor Adapter 8 VESA 75-100 PA

Monitor Adapter 8Flat panel displays are becoming increasingly common in industrial environments and Item has introduced a Flat Display Mounting Device into its range of accessories for the MB modular aluminium profile system, making it easier than ever before to integrate Human-Machine Interfaces into bespoke workstations and special-purpose machines.

Conforming to the Video Electronics Standards Association specification, the Monitor Adapter 8 is fully compatible with VESA 75 or VESA 100 flat panels and, naturally, includes the required M4 cap-head screws for securing the monitor to the adapter.

Manufactured from light-weight yet robust glass-filled poly-amide, the Adapter's Electro-Static Dissipative qualities make it fully ESD compliant, preventing the build-up of electrostatic charge and allowing a slow discharge rate to protect sensitive electronic components.

The Monitor Adapter can be attached to Item aluminium profiles in a variety of ways. It has been designed with a number of hexagonal recesses to suit the hexagon nuts provided, making it possible to fix the Adapter in place after a monitor has been secured. Alternatively, using the supplied cap-head screws, the adapter can first be secured to an Item structure before mounting a monitor at a later stage.

An additional feature is the provision of anti-torsion lugs which prevent twisting when mounted using a single M8 screw. This is particularly useful when using a heavy-duty hinge to provide angular adjustment for ergonomic purposes.