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Three-in-one Magnetic Door Stop

Magnetic Door Stop 8A common way of designing a large machine guard using aluminium profile, is to make the main frame members out of 80x40 section or larger, with hinged doors of 40x40 profile mounted flush.

This gives a handy groove in the frame behind the doors, allowing the mounting of catches, door stops, safety switches etc.

Quite frequently however, on grounds of either cost, space or even just what material is to hand, people build both main frame and door frame out of 40x40 section, making the mounting of ancillaries that bit more awkward.

Demonstrating a keen awareness of what really happens (as opposed to what should happen!), Item have introduced a very neat Magnetic Door Stop.

This comprises a folded steel plate that provides strength, even for quite large doors. This plate is concealed behind a plastic moulding which bolts neatly in the narrow gap between door and frame, and incorporates a lead-in for the door. A steel striker is secured to a T-slot at the rear of the door, and is easily positioned to suit the magnet mounted in the rear of the stop. The magnet is cushioned so that even if the door is slammed shut, it does so without damage.

The Magnetic Door Stop thus incorporates in one unit the functions of door stop, cushion and catch.