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Neater frameworks use concealed fixings with Locating Washers

Locating WasherThe neatest and most efficient way of connecting accessories or dissimilar profile lines together in the Item range of building components is by utilising concealed fixings.

Button head screws in the profile grooves locate into tapped components or mating profiles and are tightened through appropriately located bore holes in the profile section.

Depending upon the fixing screw diameter, there will be clearance between the screw and the profile groove.

This would normally lead to a varying degree of 'play', with adjustments required to ensure that all components are fully centred before final tightening of the fixing screw to lock the assembly into position.

However, new low cost self locating washers introduced into the Item range guarantee that all mating components are correctly located automatically, saving considerable time on assembly and guaranteeing the relative accuracy to each other of interactive components.

The self locating washers are a stepped design with the major diameter preventing pull-through of the button head screw through the profile groove and creating the necessary clamping force for the assembly.

The inner diameter of the stepped design locates within the profile groove giving automatic centralisation and accurate registration of the fixing screw every time.

The locating washers are available in three combinations of outer and inner stepped diameter sizes suitable for use with Item profiles lines 5, 6 and 8.

Washers with clearance diameters for M3 and M4 thread sizes are used for the line 5 profile, with thread sizes M3, M4 and M5 for line 6 and M4, M5 and M6 for line 8.

The finish is bright zinc plated steel and they are supplied in quantities of 100 pieces.