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Linear guide system PS 4-25 assembled in an instant

Linear Guide System PS4-25The new Item PS 4-25 linear guide system from Machine Building Systems Ltd is believed to offer the fastest assembly time currently available for the creation of high performance slide systems.

Supplied for use with the Item Line 8 profiles, the new guide system is designed to minimise installation times and comprises a hardened and polished profiled guide rail used with two bolted clamping rails, and bearing carriages which incorporate full complement 4-row recirculating bearings.

With the two rail clamps loosely bolted together and with the guide rail inserted, this assembly is then simply located onto the appropriate mounting profile and the rail clamp bolts tightened.

This securely clamps the assembly to any Item Line 8 standard profile, which provides automatic alignment and the linear accuracy for the slide.

No further straightening of the profiled guide rail is required to achieve a precision operating linear guide system, thus solving very neatly the twin problems of assembly time and alignment often associated with this type of unit.

Bearing carriages are simply located onto the profiled guide rail with each carriage having a static load capacity of 37kN, and dynamic loading of 17.9kN.

The carriages feature a pre-lubricated four track rolling ball contact with the guide rail and are also fitted with both end face and longitudinal wipers to prevent dirt ingress.

The robust assembly is designed for operating speeds up to 5 metres/sec within a temperature range of -40° to +100°C, and can withstand offset xyz load moments of up to 510Nm.

Both guide rail and rail clamps are available in two metre lengths, capable of producing linear guide systems of indeterminate length.

The rail clamps are manufactured from anodised aluminium and are used with hexagon socket cap head screws fitted at 80mm pre-drilled centres.

Multiple carriages can be used per rail and several linear guide tracks can be assembled in parallel to appropriate Line 8 profiles as required without elaborate set-up procedures.

Bearing carriages have 4 x M6 x 8mm deep holes for load attachment, or can be used with Item button head screws for fixing to other Line 8 profile sections being used as mounting platforms or bridging units to tandem or parallel-operating carriages.