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Line 12 Profile System for heavy-load environments

Line 12 Profile SystemItem, as the pioneer of the MB Building Kit System, has launched a completely new range specifically for use in heavy-load environments.

The use of aluminium as a lightweight material has a number of advantages.

As a material, it is, indeed, light but a modular, profile-based Building Kit System for engineering applications offers the crucial benefit of being remarkably simple to use.

For some applications, however, conventional profile-based systems are patently undersized: sturdy supporting structures and heavy-duty fixed portals are still manufactured as welded steel beam constructions despite the benefits offered by aluminium profiles.

Even larger cross-sectional shapes of profiles, which are able to withstand deflection thanks to their increased geometrical moment of inertia, are only welcomed with reservations. This might be due to the relatively small joint connectors used.

Item, as the pioneer of the MB Building Kit System, has launched a completely new range specifically for use in heavy-load environments.

Line 12 is designed to meet engineering quality requirements in regions that the Building Kit System has not, until now, been able to deal with.

The new modular dimensions of 60mm and groove width of 12mm enable the profile joints to be completed using M12 size screws.

It goes without saying that item will continue to use its tried-and-tested and patented fastener technology: the high levels of pre-stress force in the screws and the wall thicknesses of the profiles in the vicinity of the profile grooves enable load-bearing capacities to be achieved that have not been possible with previous designs of Building Kit System Profile.

And Item is not wasting any time. There are no fewer than ten Profiles (from 60 x 60 to 240 x 120mm) available, four sturdy profile joints and very solid transport and base plates.

In addition, there are caps for the ends of the profiles and cover profiles for closing off the profile grooves wherever they are not required to fulfil specific functions.

Item would not be the item we know if it had not thought to include all the extension and add-on components that the MB Building Kit System has made available right through to Line 8.

With the assistance of adapters, heavy-duty hinges, standard hinges and various fastening elements and many dynamic elements can be directly attached to the new Line 12 Grooves.

The advantages of this become evident when, for example, panels, flaps or automation technology is to be attached to the heavy-duty base frames.

Components existing already in the MB Building Kit System can easily be integrated in constructions using the new Line.