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Light Fitting 55W provides better illumination for factory workbenches

Light Fitting 55WEffective illumination in the workplace is essential for safety as well as providing an acceptable environment.

A light fitting introduced into the Item range of machine building equipment has been designed to provide a high level of flicker-free illumination for factory workbenches, workstations and both production and test areas.

The fluorescent unit is 600mm long with a 60deg parabolic reflector grid and is designed for use with the line 8 profile.

It is rated at 55W and provides a light level of 3500 lux at 500mm distance, diminishing to 500 lux at 1700mm.

At these light levels, the divergent light source covers an illuminated area from 1000 x 750mm to 3500 x 1350mm.

The versatile lights are individually switched and can be locked into seven different setting angles at 22.5° intervals to provide the setting and light level most appropriate to the installation.

It can be fitted with an impact-resistant polycarbonate cover, for additional safety and protection of the light source against impact damage, while also sealing against dust and general soiling when used in dirty atmospheres.

Connector cables in three metre lengths can be supplied for connecting to a suitable power source (230V ac with optional 120V ac lights also available).

A socket is available for plugging into a local network bus with adapters or extension cables available where several light fittings are interconnected.