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Label Holder 8

Label Holder 8A lot of factory trackside equipment today from simple workbenches or test benches to automated machinery, is constructed from aluminium profiles - most of it based around modular 40mm profiles with an 8mm groove.

Recognising the fact that in order to be efficient, work instructions, part numbers and sometimes procedures etc. need to be displayed, Item has introduced a universal labelling system.

A Base Profile made of aluminium with a modular height dimension of 40 mm, which can be attached to any item profile with a line 8 system groove, acts as a receptacle for an individually printed label and protects it with two side covers and a transparent cover film. Replacing the generously sized labels later is easy: simply slide them out of the holder sideways and insert a new one.

Apart from the ready-made holder with a width of 160 mm (normally sufficient for most labels), the building kit system also provides for label holders of any required length. In this way, label holders covering the full width of a shelf can be created as easily as small part number labels.