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Integrated Lock System for Aluminium Door Frames

Integrated Lock SystemMachine and enclosure doors built out of 40x40 extruded aluminium (now more or less an industry standard size) have in the past normally been latched or locked, usually in one position, against the outer frame.

With this new addition to the Item MB machine construction system, designers can if they choose, specify a single central handle designed to operate twin shot-bolts at the top and bottom of the doors.

This can help greatly with machine access, for example by avoiding the need for a central fixed strut in between pairs of doors, though if desired a pawl turned directly by the handle may be fitted to do just that. As an alternative, the handle can be replaced by a double-beard lock variant, which requires a setting key to open.

The dual connecting rods slide within the central bore of any Item 40x40 Line-8 profile, the shot-bolts then engaging in the slots in the outer frame making for a very neat and unobtrusive installation. No milling is required to fit the system, just simple hole drilling. The shot bolts incorporate "O" rings at the tips to dampen any rattling should the machine be subject to vibration. Somewhat unconventionally, one user has designed fast-action removable panels on his machines, securing the panels in six locations with just two key operations.