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Heavy Duty Castor for High Loads

Heavy Duty Castor with Trailing BrakeItem has introduced a new heavy duty braked swivel castor into the MB building kit system.

Designed to complement the existing heavy duty castors already in the Item system (but with one very important difference), the castor will support the same load of 4500N.

The castor wheel is again of cast iron with a polyurethane tyre, has sealed ball bearings on both axle and swivel, and a foot operated brake. Where this castor differs is in the foot operated brake, which again locks both swivel and wheel, but in this case is operated by pressing a lever on on the trailing edge of the castor rather than the leading edge.

With two of each type of castor fitted to a large and heavy trolley, all four brakes can be applied, rather than two always being inaccessible. This greatly reduces the risk of heavy loads being left unattended, sometimes on uneven sloping ground, and at worst, effectively with only one brake preventing the load running away.