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Heavy Duty Castors for High Loads

Heavy Duty Castor D125 with Leading BrakeThree new heavy duty castors have been introduced into the Item MB building kit system, any of which can take a load of 4500N. The three types are fixed, swivel, and double-braked swivel castors.

Manufacturers of heavy but high value components, for example vehicle and particularly aerospace companies, frequently go to considerable lengths to protect their components as they pass through the manufacturing stages.

This very often means building special-purpose trolleys, sometimes with elaborate tooling on them. Because these applications usually involve human effort to move and control the load, it is important that the castors are and remain free running, so to that end sealed ball bearings have been fitted.

Cast polyurethane tyres combine easy rolling under load, ensure resistance to a wide range of chemicals, and are tolerant of cuts and mechanical abrasion.