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Versatile Document Holder Improves Workplace Efficiency

Document Holder 8 A4Nearly everybody at some time or other uses a clipboard - a simple and handy means of holding papers together and taking notes.

Item has developed the concept into a document holding system based on aluminium profiles, which can quickly be assembled to hold any size of document required.

The system consists of a base profile to which is fitted a spring-loaded hinged lid profile, both of which are cut to length as necessary. The holding force of the hinged lid can be varied by the number of leaf springs fitted, and is improved by an elastomer retaining cord captive within the extrusion.

Applications can range from a simple portable A4 clipboard, up to large units to hold permanent work instructions, flip charts, or A0 drawings, with or without glazed panels. The base profile is compatible with the Item Line-8 kit system and by means of a standard spring clip can be push-fitted onto any suitable Item profile.

This makes it easy to mount the document holders on workbenches or trackside equipment as desired. A variety of popular sizes are available straight from the catalogue in either clipboard or picture frame format. All parts are available ex-stock from our Ripley factory.