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Counter-Reverse Unit increases transport speed

Timing Belt Counter Reverse Unit 8 80 R50An increase in travel speed and useful loading can be achieved with the versatile timing belt counter-reverse unit now available in the Item range of equipment.

Called unit 8 80 R50 II, the equipment is designed for use with 50mm wide drive belt as used on the line 8 range of profile system.

The higher strength of this steel reinforced belting enables much heavier loads to be transported or supported on a vertical axis than was previously possible.

The counter-reverse unit and drive mechanism is mounted on to a fixed carriage assembly, rather than at the end of the linear axis provided by a profile section.

With the complete unit and motor then integrated into the profile construction as a static item, it permits the timing belt to operate as a rack, with the axis profile itself being driven.

In a typical gantry system 'Z' axis, the motor no longer has to lift its' own weight and that of pulleys, leaving more effective power available for moving heavier loads.

The length of travel is limited only by the length of profile utilised, and the arrangement can be used for placement, positioning and load transfer in a wide range of production oriented projects.

The timing belt counter-reverse unit is housed in a black anodised aluminium enclosure incorporating ball bearing rollers.

The length of timing belt captive within the unit is 2 x 202mm.