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High performance beams added to Item components

Connection ProfileTwo versions of connecting profile or bracing have been added to the Item range of building components for the construction of high performance composite beams for use in gantry work or high load capacity installations.

The all aluminium construction of the beams provides exceptional load/weight ratios. The connecting profile can be used to give spacing between a variety of line 8 profile beams of either 160 or 240mm. It can be supplied in continuous lengths up to 6 metres or supplied as cut lengths as required.

These connecting profiles are used in pairs to form the centre span of a typical I beam type construction.

This central span provides a hollow box formation of either 160 x 80 or 240 x 80mm, with the two profiles bolted together top and bottom on 160mm centres using pre-drilled location holes.

The very rigid composite beam construction so provided conforms to close tolerances, while the open box assembly and hollow profile geometry of the connected beam sections provide excellent load bearing capacity with minimum weight.

For gantry construction, where low overall weight is more important than load bearing capacity, then the new connecting profile braces can be used as an alternative.

Once again, these are designed for use with the line 8 equipment and provide spacing between the top and bottom beams of 160 or 240mm.

The braces slip into the beam profiles and have a pre-set 45deg angle.

They are used to achieve the typical M-W latticework infill formation and are bolted together in pairs for maximum strength and rigidity.

Both the connecting profile and profile braces are manufactured to close tolerances from anodised aluminium.

They have all necessary pre-drillings for the socket head clamping cap screws and nuts which are also provided.