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Central Fastening Set P 8

Central Fastening Set P 8The Item Central Fastening Set P 8 allows easy parallel connection of Line 8 aluminium extrusions.

It is a cup and cone type fastener, designed such that only one of the two mating profiles needs to be machined, with perpendicular holes of Ø14.2mm and Ø8.2mm respectively.

The larger hole encapsulates a threaded sleeve (containing the “cone”) whilst the smaller hole allows a clamping pin (with “cone”) to pass through into the sleeve. The use of a T-Slot Nut in the un-machined profile means that when the fastener is tightened, the profiles are pulled together. Finally, a plastic cover is included to conceal the fixing.

The threaded barrel and clamping pin both feature alignment grooves, a simple time-saving touch which helps the fitter to position the the parts with the minimum amount of fuss.