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C-Rail Profiles ideal for lifting/sliding doors

C-Rail SystemC rail profiles introduced into the Item range of machine building components are ideal for the quick and economic construction of either lifting or sliding doors, partitions, movable enclosures and guarding elements.

They can also be used as slim precision telescopic guides, with a typical recent application being a very low cost CNC router produced for the education market.

The C rail profile is available in lengths up to six metres and can be supplied for lines 5, 6 and 8 of the Item range, depending upon the load characteristics required for the structure.

Each C rail can be used with three types of slider bearing units which are used for supporting the moving parts of the structure.

Bearing units can be supplied with a single plastic roller bearing set to accommodate light loads not subject to lateral deflection.

Where heavier loads are anticipated, or more robust guidance is required, then a hardened steel shaft can be fitted carrying a double ball-bearing Vee roller.

For optimum performance, a second guide shaft can also be incorporated which prevents tilting of the sliding door when moved.

For the highest levels of load and guidance requirements, a bearing set bogey comprising the robust double ball-bearing Vee rollers is used with twin hardened steel guidance shafts for high precision movement and tilt-free operation.

C rail and bearing units fitted to the top and bottom of sliding elements can also be employed for optimum performance.

Multiple C rail systems can also be used together for independent overlapping doors, or for creating telescopic guides to produce long sliding elements made up with several relatively short individual guide lengths. For structures where the use of individual bearing units may not be appropriate (ie for aesthetic purposes or climate controlled environments), then a continuous length slide rail profile can be utilised.

This can be cut to size from a six metre length and then fitted with appropriate bearing roller sets on suitable spacings to meet the installation requirements.

Caps to seal off the cut ends of both the C rail and slide profile rails can also be supplied.