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Base Plate 8 40x40, M10

Base Plate 8 40x40, M10Item's Base Plate 8 40x40, M10 is designed for attaching M10 Knuckle Feet to extruded aluminium profiles.

Where a lot of adjustment is required, the M8 knuckle foot usually fitted to these profiles cannot provide the solution due to insufficient thread lengths. Therefore M10 feet, with longer and stronger threads are often chosen instead.

The usual method of attaching M10 levelling feet to 40x40 profiles is to bore out the core bore to the required diameter and then tap the drilled hole to the required depth.

This can present a couple of problems in addition to the extra machining: firstly, in order to accommodate the desired length of spindle, a long series tap will be required; secondly, differences in tolerance between the pitches of spindles and taps, which are normally insignificant due to the short thread depth customarily required, can add up over a longer length, making fitting and adjustment of a knuckle foot extremely difficult.

This zinc die-cat base plate is the answer to such difficulties. Its centrally positioned counter-bore allows it to be fitted to the M8 tapped end of the extrusion using a cap-head screw. The knuckle foot can then be screwed in to the base plate using the offset M10 tapped hole. This tapped hole is 16mm deep, providing sufficient engagement for maximum strength whilst negating the problems associated with an over-long thread.

The spindle of the knuckle foot is neatly hidden in the T-slot groove of the extrusion and can easily be concealed using cover profile or by using plain faced profiles.

Its M8 fixing allows it to be attached to standard, light and economy grade profiles. It is particularly useful for economy profiles which, unlike standard and light profiles which can be machined to a maximum M12 thread, have a maximum tapping size of M8.