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Ball Joint 8

Ball Joint 8Item's Ball Joint 8 provides flexibility where diagonal cross-struts are required to increase the stability of any Line 8 aluminium extrusion frame construction, or where angular adjustment is needed for lightweight components.

The die-cast aluminium Ball Joint comprises a Socket which comes in two halves, and two Ball Ends which are clamped at each end of the Socket. The Ball Joint serves two purposes:

  1. Flexible mounting of lightweight parts. The ball joint allows 360°x180° adjustment so is ideal for positioning cameras, scanners, lights, display panels or any other product that may need re-setting at some stage. A version with a clamping-handle is available where regular resetting is envisaged.
  2. Diagonal bracing. The ball and socket construction allows bracing struts to be added retrospectively where triangulation is required to improve rigidity. In particular, the Ball Joint allows the user to brace parallel, perpendicular or oblique profile faces at any angle where previously a combination of several parts may have been required.

The Ball Ends are available in two versions. You can chose between 40x40mm square or 40mm diameter flange for connecting to either regular, or round profiles, which may be required for aesthetic reasons.

No machining is necessary when fixing to the side faces of Item aluminium profiles. Simply use a standard M8 T-slot nut which can be fitted anywhere along the length of the groove or, if it is required to attach to the end face, then all that is required it to tap the core bore with a standard M8 tap.