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Ball-Bearing Hinge 8 40x40

Ball-Bearing Hinge 8 40x40The Item Ball-Bearing Hinge 8 40x40 is a fastening element for Item's Line 8 extruded aluminium profiles where swivelling about an axis is required.

Similar in appearance to the Heavy-Duty Hinge 8 40x40, the hinge will rotate through 180° and is attached to extrusions by using a T-Slot Nut in the profile grooves or by tapping an M8 thread in the core bore.

The design of this particular hinge features dual ball-bearings which provide high strength and low wear characteristics for heavy dynamic loads when subjected to continuous pivoting movement.

The hinge is made from die-cast zinc and is capable of supporting moments up to 45Nm, radial loads of 2,500N and axial forces of 750N.