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Automatic Butt Fastening Sets

Automatic Butt Fastening SetAn automatic fastener set for the efficient butt jointing of Line 5 profile sections in the Item product range is now available from Machine Building Systems Ltd.

Line 5 profile sections are available in three or six metre lengths as standard, and these or shorter machine cut lengths can be securely butt jointed to provide whatever lengths are required.

The fasteners provide continuous unencumbered and accurately aligned profile runs without the need for external fishplates or other methods of clamping.

They are ideal whenever an extension to an existing frame is required, i.e. to accommodate guarding, as these fasteners obviate the need for machining of the existing frame profiles.

These butt-joint fasteners should be used in pairs, and depending upon the profile size and anticipated loading, several pairs of fastening sets can be used per joint.

Individual fasteners comprise two mating halves, each externally threaded, which are screwed direct into the profile longitudinal slots on each side of a joint.

One of the mating halves is also internally threaded to provide the locking and clamping force provided when a M4 x 40 steel bolt is fed through the mating half fastener which has a plain bore.

One mating fastener also has a left hand external thread to prevent the fastener twisting when the locking bolt is tightened.

Installation is both simple and time saving with automatic alignment and the joint achieved is positive with the facility for release and re-making as required.