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Angle Locking Bracket 8 80x40

Item Angle Locking Bracket 8 80x40Item's Angle Locking Bracket 8 80x40 provides incremental angular adjustment whilst simultaneously providing strength when subjected to high moment forces. Its ease of use makes it perfect for making adjustments to the angle of shelving, or feeder racks, for ergonomic purposes.

The aluminium die-cast bracket, which comes with all the necessary fixings for attachment to Item Line 8 aluminium profiles, features a spring loaded toothed locking disc with incremental adjustment of 2.5°. The tooth engagement ensures positive locking which means that a simple thumbscrew is sufficient for making adjustments, so no special tools are required for operation. A spring washer ensures that the thumbscrew does not loosen.

The bracket has a scale, matching the pitch of the teeth in the locking ring, which allows consistent location and matched setting of a pair of such brackets, even if they are positioned some distance apart.

An adjustable frame supported by a pair of angle locking brackets can withstand a force of 2000N and a moment of 100Nm.