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Folded Steel Foot for Profile Frames

Adjustable Stand Foot 8 240x160Machine Building Systems has announced the addition of a stable, strong and inexpensive steel foot into the Item MB building kit system.

The foot is of 4mm thick steel, folded to make it an L-section as viewed from the side. It has two 18mm diameter holes 200mm apart in the base of the L in order to fix it to the floor, the size of the hole ensuring that the floor may be drilled and bolts inserted, without having to move the frame to which the foot is attached first.

Several holes and a slot are provided in the 160mm vertical plane of the foot, which then allow fastening to a wide range of profiles - the purpose of the slot being both to permit up to 5 degrees of angular adjustment of the stand profile to accommodate uneven floors, and to absorb much of the force of any impact without resulting in the failure of the foot.

It is expected that this foot will find applications in the construction of cell guarding and partitions, where the firm foundation of the foot at 240mm wide will provide good resistance to lateral forces at low cost.