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Item Linear Motion Systems

MBS can provide a range of solutions for your linear motion needs. Below is a summary of some of the available linear slide options. If you would like us to quote for an assembly, or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us. If you would like more information about the component pieces, please refer to the Item on-line catalogue where you will also find a useful product finder to help select the best slide for your application.

Linear Unit KRF

Item Linear Unit KRF

The Linear Unit KRF is a quiet running belt-driven slide with a compact design capable of handling loads of up to 250kg. Stroke lengths up to 6000mm are possible with high positional accuracy (0.1mm) at speeds up to 10m/s.

KLE Linear Units

Item KLE Linear Slide UnitsBased on Item's Roller Guide technology, these belt-driven

Compact Linear Units utilise AT type timing belts for increased accuracy and are internally guided, so finger-traps have been eliminated. Available in 80x80mm or 60x60mm cross-sections, they are particularly suited where long stroke-lengths are required.

Roller Guides

Item Roller Guides

Item Roller Guides are designed with simplicity and time saving in mind. Comprising hardened ground steel shafts inserted into a special clamping profile, which is itself mounted to any Item extrusion. Bearing assemblies are combined with extruded carriage plates, allowing the user to make full use of the system grooves for attaching additional components. It is possible to build the linear slide into any Item framework. Any length can be accommodated and there are a range of sizes available, making these guides ideal for most dynamic applications, particularly where high speed is a requirement. They are also well protected against dust or dirt ingress, and are very smooth running due to the use of double deep-groove ball bearings inside the V-Rollers, and point contact between V-Rollers and shafts. Corrosion-resistant and stainless-steel options are also available.

C-rail Slide Systems

Item C-Rail Slide Systems

Item C-rail Slides are particularly designed as compact units and are perfect for sliding and lifting doors, and for moveable guards. Available in a range of sizes, there are different bearing types to suit your application. System grooves are available for attaching other components.

Linear Guides

Item Linear Guide Rail Systems

Available in different sizes, these high load bearing linear guide rails are particularly suitable where there are high moments involved. They incorporate unique Item clamping mechanisms to ensure rapid assembly to Item frameworks.

Ball Bush Guides

Item Ball-Bearing Guide Bushes

Available as either complete guides with ball bushes concealed within the profile, or as separate ball bush blocks, these economical Item units are very useful where high precision is not required. Available in different sizes, the position of the bushes can be adjusted to suit loading requirements.

Belt Drives

Item Belt Drive Systems

Item have a range of belt drive options. Perfect for high speed and long stroke lengths, there is a selection for most load requirements. A range of motor couplings and robust bevel gearboxes is also available.

Rack and Pinion Drives

Item Rack and Pinion Drive System

The Item rack and pinion drive system fits compactly into the groove of any line 8 aluminium extrusion and offers high accuracy along with rapid assembly time.

Ballscrew Drives

Item Ballscrew Drive Units

Where very accurate positioning is required, Item ballscrew drives of different pitches are available. Built around a special 80x80 extrusion, the incorporated system grooves allow linear guides or roller guides to be attached directly to the ballscrew.

Chain Drives

Item Chain Drive Systems

Item chain drives are suitable in dirty environments where a lower level of precision is required. The chain is completely enclosed within the profile grooves, reducing the risk of accidental contact.