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Ergonomic Workbench System

Ergonomic Workbench 4EThere are plenty of choices for configuring work-space for manual assembly with Item's Ergonomic Work Bench System. Based on a modular concept utilising three different types of height adjustable table frames, with a further choice of four work-top materials in six sizes, a selection of 80 different types of workbench is available, and that's before adding options for customising the working environment.

Using Item's easily-accessed on-line software, the user can build his or her own virtual customised bench to suit the application, which can then be turned into a CAD model or sent electronically for a quotation request.

Height adjustment is achieved either manually, with the Workbench F, or, if the flexibility of changing from sitting to standing is required, electrically with the Workbench E or the heavier duty Workbench 4E.

All work-tops are available in sizes from 1200x600 to 1800x750mm, so the working environment can be adapted to the products being handled. They are available in 40mm beech multiply, 30mm HPL, 25mm laminated chipboard or, for an electro-statically safe environment, 30mm HPL with ESD conductivity. ESD requirements are also served by using Item's ESD table mat, wristbands and connecting cables.

The workbench can be adapted with the addition of an optional fully adjustable upright and overhang which utilise Item MB System Profile 8 grooves for attachment of an array of ancillary components such as parts containers, flicker-free lighting and overhead tool balancers. E-type workbenches can also be complemented with the addition of a cable duct for channelling power and data cables.

There is a choice of pivot arms to place everything within easy reach or for mounting HMIs, and a range of hooks and holders is available for safely storing tools, cloths and cups. It is also easy to integrate a PC into the workstation using Item's fully adjustable PC mount and keyboard shelf whilst written instructions can be accommodated using display panels or magnetic notice holders in standard A4 sizes.