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MBS can provide a range of solutions for your your conveying needs. Below is a summary of some of the available options. If you would like us to quote for an assembly, or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us.

Roller Conveyors

Item Roller Conveyor Item roller conveyors can be constructed to suit most applications. The rollers can be cut to length to suit the width of your conveyor, and are available in different sizes and in either aluminium or plastic to give the required load bearing characteristics. Spacing between the rollers can be adjusted to suit and polyethylene side guides can easily be incorporated if required. The conveyors can be chain or band driven, with idling rollers if required, or may be left as gravity feed rollers.

If you would like more information about the component pieces, please refer to the Item e-catalogue and look at Special Elements.

Belt Conveyors

Elcom Flat Belt Conveyor Elcom flat belt conveyors are designed around the Item MB System and can be made in varying lengths and widths. There are centre or end drive options, with the provision for fully adjustable side guides if required.