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Item Aluminium Profile System

Machine Building Systems is the UK supplier of the Item modular aluminium profile system for use where industrial equipment is required for bespoke automation solutions and mechanical engineering projects.

Machine Frames

Modular Aluminium Machine Frame

The Item MB System comprises hundreds of modular T-slotted aluminium extrusions with anti-vibration connections. The huge variety of sizes (from 20x20mm up to 320x160mm) means that there is sure to be an Item solution whether your application is for a simple support stand or a more complicated assembly carrying several tons.

Machinery Guarding

Profile System Custom Machine Guard

There is a vast array of options available for machine guarding whether it is a simple mesh enclosure, or something much more elaborate with interlocked hinged or sliding doors with fixed or removable polycarbonate or acrylic panels. The guarding element of any machine can be easily integrated into the main support frame structure.

Linear Motion Systems

Ballscrew Driven Linear Slide

Linear slides are constructed by combining modular components, including extruded aluminium profiles which are cut to exactly the required length. Using this patented approach, it is possible to build bespoke slide systems with exactly the right combination of strength and stroke-length. A choice of belt or ballscrew drive options is available.

Workstations and Work Benches

Manual Assembly Station

Gone are the days of making do with standard workbenches. Having a workplace tailored to specific ergonomic requirements is considered good practice from a health and safety point of view. We can offer a range of solutions including adjustable height designs, and have options for work-place lighting, ESD worktops, tool holders, parts containers and labelling amongst many others.

Conveyor Systems

Roller Conveyor System

There is an expansive list of possibilities for organising material flow, from simple slide strips to roller conveyors (gravity fed or driven) to chain transfer systems. In each case, the modular nature of the Item system means that it is possible to manufacture custom conveyors that are right for the application rather than make do with standard sized units.

Industrial Safety Fences

Security Fence

Where large multi-axis industrial robots are in operation it is common to install perimeter guards to provide a partitioned area. There are many different types of cell guarding within the Item profile system with various options for removable panels, hinged or sliding doors, and methods for fixing a variety of panels types.

Jigs and Fixtures

Aerospace Jig

The Item system lends itself perfectly to constructing all manner of special purpose jigs and fixtures. The flexible nature of the fastening technology means that it is possible to make fine adjustments without the need for expensive rework or milling of slots which may be associated with fabricated steel constructions. Common applications can be found in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Cleanroom Equipment

Cleanroom Environment

The Item Line X system features a number of features suitable for cleanroom constructions. All extrusions are designed with the minimum possible corner radius which results in a smooth transition from one frame element to the next, There are a range of profiles available with closed grooves to minimise turbulent air-flow and ESD fasteners and components help prevent build-up of particles.