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Elcom Modular Flat Belt Conveyors

The Elcom range of flat-belt conveyors has been developed around the Item aluminium profile system. Using standard Item components as well as specially designed parts these flat belt conveyors have many years of proven use in the field and come with the same standards of quality you would expect from Item itself.

These conveyors come complete with single or 3-phase motors with worm reduction gearboxes from stock, offering standard nominal belt speeds of 2-24m/min. Alternative combinations can also be provided to produce faster or slower belt speeds to suit individual applications, making them the natural choice for either incorporating into machines, or as stand alone production equipment.

Flat Belt Conveyor 20

Elcom Flat Belt Conveyor 20

This conveyor is manufactured with Item 20x20mm line 5 profile, making it ideal for very small and light-weight components. It is fitted with a centrally mounted motor, and is available in lengths up to 3000mm.

Flat Belt Conveyor 40

The Elcom Flat Belt Conveyor 40 utilises Item 40mm line 8 profile, making it suitable for a wider variety of components, both in terms of size and weight, and is available in lengths up to 6000mm, with 8 set widths from 40mm to 400mm.

Central Drive

Elcom Flat Belt Conveyor 40 Central Drive

The Central Drive Conveyors are the choice to make if it is necessary keep the ends of the conveyor clear. The motor can be repositioned anywhere along the length of the conveyor so it is also an excellent choice if a degree of flexibility is required.

Extremity Drive

Elcom Flat Belt Conveyor 40 End Drive

End Drive is suitable if a flighted belt is required. It is also the lowest cost option due to the lower number of component parts.

Double Belt Conveyor 40

Elcom Flat Belt Conveyor 40 Double Belts

Available in Central Drive or Extremity Drive configurations, the Double Belt Conveyors comprise a pair of Conveyor 40s driven by a single motor. Separated by a distance up to a maximum of 800mm, they are suitable for carrying wide components, or where it would be useful to have free space between the conveyors.

Flat Belt Conveyor 90

Elcom Flat Belt Conveyor 90

The Elcom Conveyor 90 is suitable for handling heavier and bulkier products. It is based on Item 80mm line 8 profiles and is available in 5 fixed widths from 500mm to 1000mm. The end mounted single or 3-phase motor can be fitted in a variety of orientations.

Additional Options

Support Stands

For stand-alone conveyor systems it is possible to choose from 2 standard designs of supporting frameworks, constructed from Item line 8 profiles. For requirements more suited to a custom design, our design department is able to offer a range of alternatives.

Lateral Side Guides

Elcom Flat Belt Conveyor Lateral Side Guides

Side guides can also be provided. There is a choice of 4 standard types offering a variety of flexible mounting positions and adjustment in both height and width. We are also able to provide bespoke solutions if this is more suitable.


Single or 3-phase motors are available, with a choice of 16 different mounting positions, depending upon your requirements. For the smaller conveyors, 24V DC motors can also be provided.


The are a number of options when considering the choice of belt material. A polyurethane belt is generally fitted as standard which is suitable for more aggressive environments or where accumulation of parts is a possibility. An alternative general purpose PVC belt can be supplied, suitable for transferring all kinds of components. Other options include harder wearing rubber belts or, for high temperature components, silicone belts are available. In all cases, it is possible to specify antistatic characteristics for use in the electronics industry or clean rooms. Flights/slats can also be fitted upon request.

Belt Supports

Elcom Flat Belt Conveyor Belt Support

Longer conveyors can be fitted with lower belt supports which will limit the amount of belt sag which is inevitable on the underside of a long run of conveyor.


An optional Nosebar can be added to Conveyor 40s up to a width of 120mm. This reduces the end roller radius and is useful where small components are being transferred.

Skid Plates

Elcom Flat Belt Conveyor Skid Plate

All conveyors are constructed using Item extruded aluminium profiles. An optional stainless steel skid plate is available for fitting between the belt and the extrusion on request. Conveyor 40s of 200mm and wider are fitted with this already and Conveyor 90s come with an 8mm laminate plate as standard.