Machine Building Systems Ltd.

New Products

Item is well known for setting a pace of development that few others even think about following.

Since the introduction of the 8th comprehensive catalogue in 2012 this strategy has continued unabated and below is a list of new-product introductions since then.

Click on the links to find out more, download or order your free copies. All new products are available off-the-shelf from Machine Building Systems.


Item New Products 2016-II
  • Handles
  • Hand Knobs
  • Angle Fastener 8 40x40-45°
  • Base Plate 8 80x80-R80, M12
  • Linear Unit LRE D10 80x40 ZS K light
  • Height Adjustable Monitor Arms
  • Cable Ducts
  • Conduit Profiles
  • Conveyor Rollers TR30
  • Telescopic Clamp D40/D30
  • Plain Bearing D40/D30-50 ESD with anti-torsion feature
  • Fastener D30, internal
  • Panel-Fixing Strips D30
  • Drawbar D25-610
  • Container Profile D30
  • Monitor Mounting Joint D30 VESA 75-100
  • Threaded Inserts for Profile Tubes
  • Bracket D30 T2
  • Roller Conveyor St 60 End Cap
  • Roller Conveyor Brakes


Item New Products 2016-I
  • Installation Profile 8 160x80 K76
  • Corner Deflector Guard 8 St 160x160x80
  • Tool Balancers
  • Dividers 600
  • Back Stop Insert ESD
  • Cantilever Foot Set 8
  • Table-Top Support Set 8
  • Ball Joint Butt Fastener D30
  • Roller Conveyor St 60x24 D15
  • Guide Rail e 4
  • Braking Castor D30-23
  • Tube D30x1.5 CFRP